Monday, May 12, 2014

Hey again,

Well, I don't know how much to say since we skyped yesterday, but I still get to email so it's always good talking to everyone back at home.
Anyway just thinking about yesterdays conversation. I'll have to be honest I felt like I tried to say things a little differently since other people were around. Talking about how Bulgaria is with a few Bulgarians listening that may or may have not known what I was saying because like I said yesterday a lot of people here knows English.
Also I forgot to mention that they also have Diablo 3 on the computers here to and it's probably one of the most played game I've seen here in the internet.
Anyway also with the culture, it's definitely different. Some buildings look newer and those buildings are fine but others, well... they don't look the best and are a little sketchy but don't worry it's safe :).
With people living in Bulgaria financially from what I've seen is poor. I feel like half of the members in the group are struggling financially, or have to work a lot more than full time for the money that they do receive. This is more of my opinion based off what I have seen. There's was actually one lady that argued with us about how us as missionaries could afford living in the country to live for 2 years. We both said that both of our parents actually are helping pitch in but still didn't believe that even with parents help it was possible.
Well, I'm not trying to make Bulgaria seem bad, but I always say the good about it and don't really mention other things because that's not the point of emailing or at least to me it isn't. Anyway it really makes me realize how good America is.

I wanted to mention how garages  are here. Just because it's another different thing that I don't know if I didn't mention. Basically imagine a garage barely able to fit a car in it. Yea, that's how they all are. To be honest, it looks like more of a pain because you have to unlock it with keys and open metal doors and then drive the car in. It looks easier just to park on the side of the road. Also (I'm guessing this is all of Europe) cars pass each other on streets that in America that would look crazy based off the size of the street and also how motorcycles and bikes can go in between cars.
With eating my companion and I actually almost never eat out even though it's relatively cheap. The time we do is usually on P-day for lunch and when we don't have time to make anything at home based off lessons or other missionary work. I also forgot to mention that a place that makes a hamburger that I have been to is amazing. Hot sauce, with other sauce, and also with 3 buns and a actually small patty but with a scrambled egg on it with cheese. It's at the same place my companion and I get DoonerE (sounded out in English). I haven't been for a while but want to go there because it's good.
Here's a picture of a selfy photo I did. It's called BarMEtsva (Sounded out in English). It was 2 Leva and was delicious. Basically bread with cheese in it. When I got it I didn't expect it to be as big as it was. It's basically the size of my face ha ha.
Anyway I love all of you again.
Love Elder Green

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