Monday, May 18, 2015

This week has been pretty great... and of course really fast as always.

While my Elder ...  and I were on the street we heard a metal ding and saw a shoe horn, I think that's what there called, (for putting on your shoes) fall from a balcony. We looked up and there was a baba (grandma) which looked down and told us to wait as we lifted up the metal thing wondering where it came from. We both kind of looked at each other and waited for a minute or two and the baba (grandma) has a plastic bag with string from I'm guessing a sowing kit attached to it. She put some heavy objects so the bag wouldn't fling everywhere. After she yelled Thanks and it's just a funny little service opportunity experience ha ha. 

We met with a former investigator named ... that seems really interested in the Gospel. The only problem is the teaching record suggests that he does more talk than acting so it makes it difficult. It's one of the personalities I don't personally prefer because they are so great at being friends but it's hard for them to come closer to Christ. We're only here to invite, and we can't do more than that. 

It reminds of one of the ladies that we talked to on the street. She basically asked if we were just finding people to join our "group." We're basically doing that but it's much more. We responded that we are here just to invite people to learn for themselves about the things we know to be true. It's up to the people to accept, act, or simply just rejecting it. 

There are times were not a lot is happening with the missionary work, but when those moments come I come to know my purpose more. "To invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the Restored Gospel by...." I love the scriptures that talk about God extending His merciful hand to all of his children, even when they reject. I see this scripture being fulfilled everyday being a missionary because God extends His hand through His servants. I wouldn't change anything the way they are right now. 

We met 2 guys from a country called Yemen. Don't worry I didn't know anything about the country until now. Strangely that happens every now and then with being in the Bulgaria Sofia Mission ha ha. He met with missionaries about 2 years ago here. Only met with them once and said it was good. We understood more about his background, but were short on time. We met on a bench by the river here and it was great. I'm hoping he'll have more interest, but only time can tell. 

Tomorrow, Elder ...  and I are traveling to ... for zone training. After that one of us will stay for 3ish days on exchanges while the other companionship go back to ... That'll be fun. We recently got a new zone leader that'll I'll be serving with also. 

I love all of you,
Elder Green

Monday, May 11, 2015

I loved being able to skype yesterday. It was great talking to all of you. It's nice to know that the next time that happens it'll be face to face and not with a time limit ha ha. 

Well.... I don't know what to say exactly since the skype. 

Last week we helped President ,,, with Mutual and we're trying to (or president ,,, is trying) to teach the 16 year old member English. We all want him to serve a mission in the future and there is a great chance that he'll have an English speaking companion that doesn't know Bulgarian. That was fun to do. It's interesting because learning Bulgarian made me realize some weird concepts that common English has. An example of this is word order. Sometimes English changes it when Bulgarian keeps it the same. This is with questions.

We had basically a lesson with a man on the street about the Restoration but it wasn't officially a lesson. It's always fun having those. It's just annoying when they don't have the desire to meet another time but are willing to talk in the moment. The future missionaries will gather those more prepared people in the future. 

I guess since I don't know what else to say I'll spend some time sending photos. It's been a while since I've done that. 

I love all of you and hope everything is going great. 

PS I forgot to say but apparently scorpions live here in Bulgaria. My companion and I found 3 in our apartment this past week and caught 2 of them. I forgot to mention that in the Skype. Apparently scorpions like eating spiders also. Don't ask my how I know that... 

With love, 
Elder Green

Monday, May 4, 2015

Before I forget, I did receive my package. The zone leader's called us Tuesday or Wednesday saying that we were going on exchanges, so that worked out.

The strongest investigator we had hasn't been responding lately unfortunately. I think it's do to the end of the college or schools here in Blagoevgrad. It makes it a little tricky because after that the students go back to their villages and don't return until school is back, and or never come back. We've talked to some really cool people but the schooling is messing us up for meeting. We'll continue looking until we find someone that's ready. 

Since the beginning of the year, the zone leaders in ... have been doing exchanges by traveling (on bus) to other cities and taking someone in the companionship and take them back to .... So I got the chance to serve with Elder ... for about 3 days in .... I've done a tiny bit of missionary work in Sofia but with a companion and I not knowing Sofia to well it didn't really work out. ... is huge, it's really easy to plan for things because with city transportation it takes an hour to get to an appointment. It's a lot different than a 30 minute walk from anywhere in the city to a lesson. The thing that is funny is that there are cities in America that is the same population as Bulgaria. It makes ... feel a little bit smaller thinking that way. 

It's interesting thinking about the layout also. Instead of having a town, and then another town connected to the town everything is just empty out of city borders until you hit a village. Sometimes I get asked how big my city is in America and I honestly couldn't say because it's just surrounded by other cities so I feel like it's not the same concept. 

There is a member that is from ... (My first city) that moved to ..., so Elder ... and I actually ran into him on the street. The chances of that is so slim but it was great being able to see him again. He's just really funny with everything. 

The lessons that we had in ... were actually in English. I've rarely had lessons in English, so it was a change. Also praying in English is not preferableffor me. I feel like it's me trying to say Bulgarian prayers in the MTC. The Bulgarian word pops up in my head before the English word so there's a delay I feel like. It's weird. It's been like that since towards the beginning of being in field. 

The lessons were with ... and .... Funny the same name for both people and there personalities are completely opposite. It was well... interesting.

While traveling back, we actually had traffic due to construction. I haven't had that well... since being in Utah ha ha. I thought it was just funny. The bus is about 2 hours from ... to ... just as an extra note. 

I'm excited for this next week. So much is happening. End of transfers, skyping, and also applying a study plan for a lot of things that will hopefully make studies more meaningful along with goals. Being a missionary is so busy, but there's also so much more than can be done, just with the little things. 

I'm glad to hear from all of you and excited for this next Sunday.

With love,
Elder Green