Monday, March 24, 2014

Answers, Happy Birthday, Sunday Talk

Hey everyone. Another crazy week down. Here are some answers to some questions:
-We email from a place that has about 15 computers and we have to pay around 8 Lev for my companion and I for an 1:30hours of emailing time.

-The church is renting out a place that used for the church. Once we become a branch I think we get an upgrade building for a church. It used to be someones home before it became a church I believe, which is weird to think about. 

-P-days my companion and I go basically exploring. So far we visited a lot of monuments that are amazing. Today, we're just going to explore a path that leads to the river that goes through town. It's also been really nice since its warm and all of the trees are blooming. It's nice having everything come alive instead of branches everywhere. Some flowers on trees are so beautiful.
- My companion is a really clean, actually a little more than normal I would say. The apartment is clean pretty much the whole time. The only thing that gets a clutter is the dishes but that only last for a day before taken care of. I felt bad because I don't care about making my bed so I make it look ok. When I walked into the bedroom it was made perfect because he wanted the bed to be made or it'll bug him. I don't want him to take the effort in cleaning something that I don't care to be "clean" but I guess I'll try to make it look nicer in the morning. Every P-day we spent an 1:30 hours cleaning. I think it's a little to much cleaning time because I would rather be doing something fun. The other Elders in Veliko Turnovo, don't clean there apartment at all, or at least it doesn't look like it. It's nice to be clean, but I don't care for it to be completely perfect but my companion likes that. We switch jobs each P-day. Basically a small list that we switch each P-day.

Anyway Happy Birthday Lexie. Hopefully I'm the first one to say it a day early ha ha or else it would be a week late. It's crazy how time has flown by. I've almost been gone for 4 months come to think of it. It just feels like I just got here. You'll have to explain what Divergent is because I have no Idea what it is but hopefully it's a good movie. I have to admit, I wish I could be watching the good movies that the family has been getting. It sounds fun.
Speaking of talks in Sunday. I also gave a talk yesterday at church like Kaylie. I talked about the transgression of Adam and Eve. I basically wrote it in English (really short and simple) and had some words I didn't know in Bulgarian or the translation on the bottom of the page. It went better than I thought but still it could have been a lot better and clearer but that will come when my Bulgarian gets better. Also I'm starting to say somethings during lessons and one of them I basically said what I wanted to say but it was all scrambled up so I basically made no sense. Ugh. I feel like I know a lot of words but just struggle to put them together. It's hard when the conversation is fast or normal pace. O well, it comes when it comes, just need to keep working on it.
I like the photos of the funeral. It sounds like it went great and wish that I could have made it there. It's good see be a part of it just by seeing it like that. It's good to know that we'll see here again soon after this short life. That's another reason I love this gospel because of that knowledge and that hope for the life after.
My Bulgarian is improving. There is a text book that I've been working through and I'm getting better/faster at translating simple sentences which is nice but it's still confusing.
Also another cool thing happened. For a while we have had 2 investigators. Well, one ... is in Turkey and the other ... we haven't been able to meet for the past month because she has been sick and working a ton. One night when tracking we found 2 new people right after each other. We asked for a referral and when we met with one of them they brought a friend and there both are really interested in the gospel. It's so awesome and basically the investigators we had doubled. It's nice having lessons instead of tracking or contacting the whole day.
... is doing better, he returned to ...and is currently being helped out financially with the church and he got his apartment back. He's currently working at a restaurant that doesn't pay him because there dum but hopefully they're start paying him or either he finds a new job. It's just a tricky situation and an annoying one. 

Here are some photos of бaбa мaртa displays they had around town and another cool monument in the middle of town that I pass by everyday.
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