Monday, March 31, 2014

time change

Hey everyone! So recently the time just changed here. If I remember correct, the time changed there at the beginning of the month. So, I might have been 10 hours ahead or 8 hours ahead. I'm not sure which way the time went. Anyway, we lost a hour of sleep, and the morning was a tiring one. But, in the the morning we have usually around a 40 minutes to day anything, depending how long we take dressing, eating, showering. I slept on the coach until the time came to start doing personal study.
I love hearing about everything that is going on at home. If anything, tell me anything, because I love hearing about it. Hearing about the running competitions just makes me want to start racing, but I know I'm totally out of shape ha ha. This last week the other Elders in ..., gave us a call in the morning asking if we wanted to run with them. My companion said no :(. It made me sad, but he has also been sick, so because of him being sick I didn't complain. His first name is .... I think it's funny that your finding everyone's parents ha ha (talking to mom). I feel bad for my companion because he has been sick, gets worse with the week, 1 week he's good, then back to not feeling the best and that has been the case for the past month. We actually have turned in or went back to our apartment a hour earlier than planned one day because he just didn't feel like he had the energy and then would sleep whenever he got the chance.
Even though I haven't been gone that long, it feels like all the girls are growing up. The reason is because they are all doing things that are more independent, instead of just normal life, if that even makes sense.
Today, was actually hard to plan for, even though it is a P-day. We almost explored everything, so those activities are almost gone. Today we are going to check out a trail that goes around .... By the way, try looking up ..., that's the closest sounding in English letters I can think of, on Youtube for the "Tsarvets light show." I don't know if I explained it, but I've seen it twice, one time on top of a really big hill and one time at the base of it. It's so cool, it's basically the whole mountain lights up with different colors and a huge green lazor  goes from the building on top of ....
The other reason why it was hard to plan is because my companion and I tracked the whole area. His last companion here in ... did a lot of tracking but we redid the places for some of the buildings that he missed.  It's hard to fill the day even though we have 9 investigators now. The reason is because none of them can meet, or we lost contact with some of them because they won't answer there phone and we don't know where they live or they don't want us visiting there homes. Ugh. But the work still continues.
This past week I also got to travel to Sofia for passport work, or working on getting a residence ID card. I got to see my 2 companions in the MTC, but missed Elder ... because he showed up a little bit later in the day. We literally traveled by bus for 3 hours, did the passport work for less than an hour, then rode the bus for another 3 hours back. I love seeing the other Elders from the MTC. I gives me a hope I guess because there Bulgarian is like mine, which is not the best. I can understand sentences during lessons pretty well as long as it's not on random stuff or more on gospel topic. I would just think the mission would be so much easier without the language barrier. I can understand sentences but if I were asked to repeat, I wouldn't be able to. Memorizing Bulgarian to English is a lot easier than the other way around also. During Language study, I've been focusing more on grammar than just words because I suck at grammar.
My companion also mentioned to me that a big group of Elders is going to be leaving for home this next transfer (a little less than 4 weeks). He said because of that the leadership of the Elders is going to change dramatically because right now the leaders are part of that group. So this is most likely our last transfer together and then I or him could be leaving this town. It's a weird concept to think that we get transferred throughout the whole country. I feel like ... is really unique compared to other cities, but maybe that's because of .... Also apparently in 2019, Europe is going to I guess vote for a cultural place that represents Europe and ... is a candidate for that, also ... is to. That's what my companion said.
The area is so green right now. It's so beautiful. There's bright colors of flowers on trees that are blooming and since we're in the hills yea can see basically trees covering the whole area that are green now. It has rained a couple of times and those days aren't to bad because it's light and it's still warm out.
There are 2 investigators that are so so cool that we are meeting with right now. They actually speak English and want to practice during lessons, so the lessons are in English. Before, I felt like I couldn't even teach lessons in English, but now it's super easy even though I haven't really practiced it. Also another thing that is weird is when we stop people to talk to them on the street, the way we say it in Bulgarian sounds normal to get someones attention, but if we do a role play in English (practice with companion/other Elders when we have district meeting) it sounds really weird to do it in English. Anyway sidetracked, but the 2 investigators that I mentioned earlier are so so cool. They basically are doing everything they think is right. They are both trying to read the whole Bible through because they feel like it's something God wants them to do. I can't remember if they go to church often or not but they try to do things that typically people wouldn't really care for. I felt like I was able to connect with ... (...) because he's not a reader and I'm the same way, but still is trying to read the Bible. The other person name is .... I would do it in Bulgarian but it takes to long to try to type it ha ha. We met ... through ... through asking for a referral. He actually lived in America for 3 years. A lot of people do that where they'll live in America for a few years and then return. We are actually meeting with someone that has actually worked at Lagoon. I wouldn't have ever imagined a native Bulgarian person would be that close to home. It's crazy.
Anyway, I'm out of time but love you all. That's amazing that Coranna was able to meet with Lexie on her birthday. It's always nice to be in a nice group of friends (Kaylie) and it sounds like a party. I wish I could see you run (Allie) at the meet. I love hearing the spiritual messages Mom and I miss hanging out with you Dad. Love you all again
Love Elder Green

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