Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter

Hey everyone. In the case of Easter, actually today is one of the Easter Days for Bulgaria. How Easter works here is 19-21 they have Easter. To be honest, I think it's super cool for it being celebrated for 3 days to represent the resurrection of Christ. In the beginning of the month, they put huge plastic eggs that are the size of small kids. It's so fun to see families take pictures with small kids holding it because of the size. They also made an arch over the street in ... during ... day and it's till up and they put light up eggs in it and the tree that is next to it, they have eggs throughout all of it's branches.
Another tradition of Easter that they do here is cracking each others eggs. Basically you hold the your boiled egg and try to use your egg to crack the other person egg. Yesterday, after church we did that and it was a lot of fun doing it with the youth.
There was a lady named ... that we miraculously came in contact with. She's from out of town about 33km. She is poor and can't afford the bus for church. She was baptized around 2006. I think the church building moved or something, and she lost contact and couldn't find the church. How we ran into her is by meeting her son ... and his girlfriend. The other Elders found a record of him and he is a less active that we lost contact with. That shows the importance of going through the area book and try to clear things out in it. Anyway, when we tried to contact him at this house ... was there and was visiting her son. After talking for actually a while, we figured out that she is member and wants to be active. She came to church yesterday and actually acted like the teacher for the group discussion. She is such a strong member and it's something that this church needs in .... She then said that she could come to church 2 times a month. It's so exciting.
Also, with baptismal dates. One that we have, actually isn't going to happen and my companion and I knew that because we have only been able to meet with him the one time and that is when he said he would commit to it. He has just been really busy.
The other one is basically going to be baptized or at least that is what it feels like. He has a problem with the ... and hasn't come to church yet because he has been busy on Sundays. He's a really great guy, and said that he needs a few weeks to be ready then he'll do it. So we just need to commit to another date. We have gone through all the lessons with him except for the law of Tithing and he has been good with every else we have taught. I'm so excited for him.
Transfers are going to be this next coming week. I have to admit, it just feels like last transfer day was just yesterday. Time as a missionary, is just not normal. It's weird.
Also today is my companion birthday. One of the members wants us to be at the church later today for something about his birthday. He wouldn't say, so I look forward to that. 

The last 2 weeks, I think, not sure, but I started a scripture journal. It has made me realize how much we can learn from the scriptures and truly, to me, it shows really how the Book of Mormon can answer the questions of the soul. It's absolutely amazing. Once I get home, I want to type all of my notes, and also it would be a lot faster because, well... typing is so much easier than writing. Also you can fix mistakes a lot easier. 

With it being Easter, I have been studying the Resurrection of Christ. It's absolutely amazing that God gives us that free gift of resurrection because of Christ resurrection. One of the reasons why we came here on the Earth is to receive a body to become more like our Heavenly Father. Our goal for eternity is to become like our Heavenly Father and one of the things that he has that we needed was a body and that is why we are here. It's also amazing to think what life will be like with a perfect body after the resurrection. I don't think we can comprehend what that will be like. It's a great thing to just ponder about.
When we ever teach the first lesson talking about prophets and apostasies, we draw a diagram that I love. It shows some of the great prophets from the Bible and showing apostasies and eventually leading to Christ. When Christ was crucified and resurrected and raised to heaven, his apostles taught the gospel until eventually the people rejected and killed them like Christ. Whenever the gospel is here on the Earth, there are always a prophet. That's how is was from the beginning of the world with Adam being a prophet. That just shows that if the gospel is truly here on the Earth, then there has to be a prophet, and I know that Thomas S Monson is the living prophet here on the Earth.

Also we got conference off the computer onto a flash drive and have been playing the talks in our apartment throughout the day whenever we have "extra" time. I love the talks. I love the Sleeping through the Restoration talk from Elder Uchtdorf. I also fill like coming on the mission is an awakening for me. Before, I felt like a read the scriptures well... Sundays and maybe just maybe every now and then. Now of course, it's everyday, but it just makes me wish I would have started it sooner to be better prepared with knowing the scriptures better and the many great stories that are in it.
I also want to extend one of the challenges that was emphasized in one of the talks in conference. About Preach My Gospel, that take the time to study it or to read part of it with reading the scriptures daily. It truly is a map of how the gospel works and the many great benefits of it. I have completely marked up the lesson part of Preach my Gospel because there are so many great points in it. For example, just reading the first lesson The Restoration gives you the idea of it and has sources to better understand it with scriptures and also with the missionary library books. It's such a blessing to have those resources. I couldn't imagine the mission before they came out.
I love all of you and thanks for all of the letters. I hope to hear more. I love hearing whats going on.
Love Elder Green (and yes I realized recently that I have been struggling to end my letters with my name ha ha)

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