Monday, April 28, 2014


So much has happened before we last talked. The week before I think that I forgot to mention that I traveled to Varna for Zone Conference. Anyway, I had to help quote part of the first lesson. I thought that I had to quote a lot more, so I was stressing about it but it ended up being a tiny tiny section. So it wasn't to bad. And of course Zone conferences are amazing.
I also traveled to Sofia for passport work. I have to go one more time to get a card that says I'm a resident here in Bulgaria, or more legal, I don't know but it it'll be nice to have because I have to carry a piece of paper that says that I'm registered in the town I'm serving or in ... and that card replaces that, but when I serve in another town I'll have to register again. It's just how it works. I got to see one of the people in my group Elder ... this time. Last time I went for passport work I missed him by 5 minutes. He's just really funny so it was good to see him again. I was also on exchanges with Elder ... when I went because he had to do some passport to instead of my companion. We walked to the mission home from the passport work place, and Sofia is beautiful. Especially with Architecture. It's different walking instead of taking a Taxi like my companion and I did the time before. We also went to Dunkin Donuts, which I think is one of the only spots they are at, in Sofia. 
Transfers also just happened. I'm getting a new companion and staying in .... My companion (Elder ...) is going to Varna and is actually going to be companions with a person in my group Elder ... (One from Finland). He is also going to be District Leader.
My new companion name is Elder .... From what I have heard, he is 25 and has a degree in physics. It sounds like he is a genius and also I consider my Elder ... a genius to. I have to admit, when things are working a certain way and it's working, I don't like changing things up. It's probably because I've never had "another" companion in the field. Everything I know is based off my trainer Elder ..., so It'll be interesting to see how a new companion works and see what will change, because everyone has their own way of doing things.
 It also has been raining off and on here. To be honest I love the rain but I hate when I have to work or do missionary work in it. It's also harder to stop people because they don't want to stand in the rain although they have an umbrella.

Some answers to Questions: 
1- Since mothers day is coming up, yes we can Skype. I'm so excited for that 
This is quoted off a email
"For those of you that your parents live in North America, Finland, and Australia; 11 May is Mother’s day and as you know this is your opportunity to Skype your parents for 30 to 40 minutes. Please schedule a time now via email with your families so we are not trying to resolve this at the last minute. We recognize that every evening is a teaching and finding evening however if your Mother cannot be available before 18:00 in Bulgaria please find a time that works however all Skype sessions must be over at 21:00 No later! Due to the time change if you need to arrange a time on Saturday 10 May that is OK as well. If a senior couple invites you to Skype from their apartment that is fine."
So I have another P-day before that day comes. Honestly, I have no idea when the best time to do it. I just know that Bulgaria is 9 hours ahead if I remember correct. So that would mean I would have to do skype at the latest at 8:20-9:00 your time. And that is the latest, so probably wanting earlier but I'm guessing with my new companion we'll have to try to coordinate it. So be thinking about that and let me know what time would best suit you and I'll try to match it up. 
2- My birthday cake was delicious. My companion has never had jello cake so it was fun to make.
I don't know if I mention this but my companion had his birthday, well last week on the 21. We had a little party with more cake. It was a lot of fun. We did little gathering at the church with the main youth and it was basically just messing around. It's fun to just mess around ha ha.
Also, with Investigators ... have been amazing. With ... we have gone through everything now. We are going to start going through some of the Laws and Ordinances in Preach my Gospel because even though it's for after baptism, it can still be taught before. We have a baptism date reset for him because he felt like he had more time, but in both my companion and I opinion we'll be able to move it up. He's going to be such a strong member once the times come. He is young, and loves "fitness" so basically has the muscle to prove it ha ha. Anyway he just needs to come to church 2 times before baptism, and he has been busy on Sundays but we meet with him almost everyday for half the week which makes me not worry about church.

... is actually a new investigator that we found while meeting with another one. She is so prepared for the gospel. Even though we met her about a week and a half ago she has already came to church and likes it. She says she has been waiting for this for a long time. Also she speaks English and prefers to practice it. She also had a baby, but unfortunately the father ran out. I hate that, but she says that she forgives him, which would not be easy for me if I was in her situation. Anyway, she has progressed so fast and actually said basically her father taught her certain values which is everything the church believes in. She basically said she follows all the commandments without us asking. She also answers questions or thoughts that actually goes over what we plan on going over. It's amazing because no one would be able to do it like her unless prepared by God.
The only bad news with her is that she lives in the other Elders area. That means we have to transfer her to the other Elders or they'll be teaching her instead of my companion and I. She's going to be baptized so it doesn't matter who teaches her but I enjoy meeting with her. She is actually planning on being baptized on the 17th I believe. I forgot my planner, so its that week on a Saturday. A week later ... will be baptized, unless moved up, which I'm hoping it will. Maybe they'll both be baptized the same day. That would be great. It's amazing how this gospel can change their lives with the changes they have made and the knowledge that they know now.

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