Friday, December 20, 2013

Almost Christmas, and companion switch

Hello everyone. There has been a lot that has been going on in this past week. It seems like the days are starting to blend. It's crazy to think that I came into the MTC 16 days ago. It's weird to see on Wednesday to see the new missionaries coming in. It feels like I've been here for months but it feels like I just got here yesterday. It's so weird. This last Sunday or Tuesday, we got the chance to hear from Elder Rasband from the quorum of the 70. It seemed like he did an answer and question with missionaries in the crowd which I somewhat liked but there were some missionaries that said things that made me really think.

 Something happened yesterday that kind of shocked everyone in the Bulgarian group. I think I've mentioned all the Bulgarian speakers in my group, but there is an Elder ... that is in my group. We were eating breakfast with everyone there and we didn't see him or his companion Elder ... after breakfast until the evening. Elder ... got a really bad cold and has been allowed to sleep in for the past 2 days, but that wasn't the only thing.

Another thing I forgot to mention is the flu has been hitting the MTC. I don't don't what kind of flu but people get quarantine. They have to stay in there room and get food delivered to them, have masks on, and when they leave the building they have a person following them. We had about 5 people with the flu and everyone around them gets the magic pill, or $20 dollars a bill for a week or 2. It sure isn't cheep to keep everyone from getting sick. Only roommates gets the pill to avoid getting sick to. Anyway, Elder ... thought he might have the flu so he got checked out and ended up fine. The test that they do we heard of sounds awful. They stick a thing up your nose and it doesn't sound pleasant.

My group noticed that he was struggling but when we ended up seeing him in the evening he told us what happened. Apparently he's been having major homesickness to the point where he wants to go home. We also learned that he's never mowed out before like me which is hard and also that he was homeschooled. It's a lot of stress being a missionary on this schedule and just looking at what has happened to some people around shows that. Everyone has their challenges and it's alright on the decisions that they make. I miss home but not that extent. I'm thankful for that because if I did, that combined with learning Bulgarian would be a rough ride. It surprised all of us because he's the smartest in Bulgarian and also knows some Russian from past classes in school that helps him since its both in the Cyrillic alphabet. He's been talking to the MTC president I believe to figure out what to do. He ended up requested another mission call to an English speaking mission. He already mowed his stuff out of our dorm when we were busy in class. It's so sad.

The result of that left to the change of having another companion. Elder ... is part of my group. It's weird having another companion. It's something to get used to because you get to know your companion really well and the other people around you you know somewhat because your with your companion 24/7. 

I really hope that it works out for him. My group fears that the homesickness isn't going to go away and he might go home even with the switch. It's fine whatever he does. As long as he tries his best, that's all that matters. I feel like he would be able to connect with people and would be a good missionary, so whatever he does I'll support him, but we never see him anymore or assuming so because he is on a different schedule and different building. It just feels like we lost someone in our family, because I love the group that I'm in.

I do appreciate all the letters that I get. The saying is true when they say that the days are long but the weeks are short. At least that's how I'm feeling. Come to think about it, it's so close to Christmas. To be honest it doesn't feel like Christmas. I have to remind myself that it's that time of the year because I'm focusing on everything that is keeping me busy. I really am going to miss spending Christmas time with the family. I hope it goes well for everyone. It's annoying that they won't allow us to call home during Christmas because I'm at the MTC. They will allow us to email on Christmas I think and P-day is on Christmas Eve also, so I'll get to talk to everyone a little more during the holiday. It's funny in one of the letters saying that there should be a time to write emails 2 times a week because that's what I've been complaining to my companion about.

For the emailing part. I think that I could tell you a time that I'm going to be on on Christmas so we can email each other and have a conversation through email back and forth. I don't know if we're assigned times to be on because every missionary is going to be emailing that day. I guess I'll have to let you know Christmas Eve if we can do that.

It's hard to explain learning the language. This isn't like spanish in high school. The teacher only speaks Bulgarian and we go over a lot of information that makes my brain want to explode. I can tell that the spirit is helping me with the language. In the 2 weeks that I've been hear I've learned twice as much information as the spanish class. The only thing that keeps me going in learning this language is based off my faith that I know Heavenly Father will help me with it. It's the hardest class I've ever taken. There's going to be a lot of bumps in the road learning it but I know I'll learn it because of the spirit. It's amazing to be able to say that.

Another thing I wanted to mention was about last sunday. I got to teach a lesson with my companion and give a talk during sacrament. It was a busy day for me because I was preparing for it all sunday morning with my companion. For sacrament, we have rooms that hold enough people for each district which is around 50 people I'm guessing. It's weird because walking down the hallway for the main building theres multiple sacrament rooms all happening at the same time. My talk was based off Repentance and our lesson was about faith in Jesus Christ. They both went really well, which kind of surprised me. It surprised me how well it went and I'm starting to believe that talks and lessons that you give yourself is more of a learning experience than it is to the people that your giving it to. I don't know it's weird but I like it. I think I'm starting to get to the point where I'm not nervous speaking to crowds. That's one weakness that I really wanted strengthened and It's happening.

I just wanted to let you know how much I love you guys (the family). I miss you dearly and wish I could see you again. It makes me just want to start crying while writing this letter. I know that this is the Lords work that I'm doing. The best part of the day is when I get letters from home. We listened to the BYU choir and one of there songs reminded me of home. It was a beautiful song and I loved it. I hope that the week before the week of Christmas break went ok. I'm guessing that either today is the last day or sometime last week of school before the break. I'm keeping you in my prayers. I'm also praying for Kaylie so her foot may be able to heal properly and that she maybe be able to get used to the crutches. Also for Lexie, because I know that the time is coming to make those big decisions with the Senior class soon coming. I love hearing from Allie, those emails are short but just the thought counts and can make a difference for me. I miss hanging out with you Dad because your my best friend and miss having all the love that you give Mom. It's only been a short time but it sure feels like a lot longer. I hope the week goes good with Christmas around the corner. I love Christmas time at the house, but also excited to see what happens here during those days. 
                                                                                                             Love Elder Green

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Here are some photos, I finally have my camera with me while emailing.

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We were creative in working out in the dorms, I'm used as the weight :)

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Heres's the temple, and I thought of Dad for the Dr. Pepper

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LA trip

The LA building that had the Bulgarian Consulate

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This is a picture of one of my roommates. He got a mask from his sister and he's a farmer from Kentucky. It was hilarious and he emailed the photo to me. I didn't get it so I forwarded it

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