Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sick companion, Sunday.

A lot of missionaries complained about emails on Christmas of not having enough time so we have some time today to email. It's nice to have the opportunity. Well, I left off on my companion going to the doctors. The diagnostic was that he had the flu. He got quarantine. Don't know if that's spelled right. Anyway he has been separated from Elder ... and I for 2 days. He just got back today so it's nice to have him back. Elder ... and I are also taking Tamiflu pills to help protect us from the flu and the boxes are pretty expensive so I feel a little bad taking it. 

I liked hearing about Christmas time, I just read the letter from Lexie and Kaylie. It sounds pretty fun having fun. I know I enjoyed it. I'm to busy to mess around on a phone now. I've been really getting into the Book of Mormon. I wish I would have dug more into it earlier and worked on pronouncing Bulgarian words. All of the languages around us get to read their Book of Mormon regular speed in a their language that they are learning because they don't have to change letters into Cerilic (Probably spelled wrong again) but eventually I'll get there with the help of the Spirit. 

Sundays are pretty busy we start off with sacrament meeting early in the morning and then breakfast. We have personal study time and some other classes. Priesthood and district meetings. I've watched a lot of Mormon messages that really touch me. Especially watching countries do cultural ceremonies for temple dedications. It's awesome to watch. Well, love all of you.

Love старейшйна греен (Elder Green)

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