Monday, April 13, 2015

Life in general is just fast. It's weird that today, I'm no longer a teenage ha ha. I guess I can't be to dumb anymore. This whole week has been crazy....

This past week I think I figured that I've done a travel of 8 hours on the bus. I went to ... twice due to zone conference and going back because of passport work (It was my last time, I just had to pick up my lichna carta or personal card for my 2nd year here) and pick up my companion due to exchanges. He stayed in ... for a day with the zone leaders and I traveled back with Elder ... which happens to be my trainer. It was so great serving with him. 

It's interesting serving with your trainer again after being in the mission for what 13 or 14 months is it now in country. It was really different due to to me being able to understand everything that he was saying and understanding conversations. 3ish months in country with your trainer, honestly I didn't understand missionary work at all. Honestly, that was the hardest time as a missionary because of still having to adapt as a missionary. I also talked to him a lot about how the mission as a whole is going. It's really interesting, hearing the challenges and the good that's going on. 

When I first got here, Elder ... and I found a young adult named ... from tracting. When I was with Elder ..., we had a lesson with him and another friend that happened to be there and now they both have baptismal dates. It's really exciting. It was a pretty powerful lesson, and we simply taught about the Authority of God with them. There was a lot more said along the lines of the theme of the lesson. There are always times where my companion and I never have investigators but God always bless my companionship with at least 1 investigator group which is always progressing. All glory goes to God for that one because each person we found has been miraclesly found. 

The city of ... is so beutiful. On exchanges, Elder ... said that I have been really lucky to serve in the cities I have because their some of the most beutiful cities in Bulgaria. I agreed with my trainer ha ha. It's a small city so I'm pretty familiar where things are now. Going on exchanges with Elder ... really boosted my knowing the city skills since he has only served in the city on exchanges for 1 day before our exchange. 

This weekend we watched all of conference. I'll be watching the Priesthood Session next Sunday. We talked with President ..., the branch president, and he said more people would likely come next week if we showed it then. Basically , how conference works here is everyone in the branch just goes to church and we show it then. We had an Easter activity after the 1st session with lunch then watched the other half 2 hours later. Saturday we did basically the same thing. 

It's really interesting to see the themes of conference. There was a lot of stress on 1. The Family and 2. Eternal marriage. As I was going over my notes this morning from the past conferences, it made me realize how much the impact of the temple has. I already knew how important but just having the spirit testifying of it to me through my notes just makes it so much more different. I took in account other events that I've seen before conference. 

I guess for my I've never really knew how to really prepare for conference. It's interesting because while listening, I've noticed more of how the General Authorities talk. How they talk is just how the scriptures speak. When their quoting scriptures, without saying their quoting it, it's really easy to point out. I've actually realized that for part of one of the talks, they talked about scriptures that I in the past week have read due to studies. Honestly, I take that as God helping prepare for conference. Getting more familiar with the doctorine before they speak about it. It's a great experience. 

Conference has tooken up the majority of saturday and sunday. On Sunday we had to do a lot of finance stuff for the branch here since my companion is the clerk. It's a lot of work and time consuming. Some records have been a little messed up from the past, so my companion and president olmstead did a lot of organizing and getting things the way their supposed to be. It's cool to see the "behind the scenes" in more detail. I would just prefer to talk to more people.

This week should be normal. We're planning on meeting with ... tomorrow so I'm excited for that. ... and his family in ... is doing well (an investigator that's being taught while I was there), he went to conference and is progressing really well liking everything. I'm so excited for him still. I still wish I could be part of teaching his family. There so elect. 

Thanks everyone for all of the birthday wishes. Life is so fast, especially the mission. I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope being a year older will bring me more wisdom on how to help the people here in Bulgaria. Love you all. 

Elder Green

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