Monday, April 20, 2015

We just got a email from the mission talking about the mother days skype. This month is going by too fast. It still feels like the beginning of April. It's crazy. 

It was pretty fun for last week being my birthday. I had people (investigator and a member) from different. previous cities that I served call me. It just makes me miss the other cities that I served in. I wish I could be in each city at the same time. 

We ended up doing bowling last week. That's the first time I've done that in Bulgaria. Thanks to the ... University there's fun things like that here. 

This morning for exercise we did a hike with the Branch President. President ... (He's American going to the university here. I believe that I have mentioned him before). We hiked up a mountain or hill that's in the city that has a huge cross. That was a lot of fun also. 

We have been recently doing a lot of finding on the street/homes. We have some great potential investigators that I believe are going to have a high chance to meet next week. 

One of these potentials is with a man named Ivan. We actually sat down with him for a little bit and he's young and a student here. We talk to a lot of students here due to the universities here. It feels like ... (my 1st city). He was really interested in talking about languages and liked how we knew Bulgarian. He actually gave me his Skye on the street which I've never received on the street. We just need to make sure we set good expectations with him and he has great potential. 

Another tender mercy that I saw was while we were on the street it looked a little stormy. It rained a little bit but not to much. We decided to go tractingbecause we want to go where the people are and people hate being in bad weather. While he hiked up the vhold (I think building is the closest word but ugh... I forgot the word in English.) Basically a 7 story building. The rain started pouring a ton while in it and when we got out the rain stopped. The "buildings" which we tracted are more newer and actually isn't really filled with people. We think people can't afford to live in them but I don't know why. 

One of the members were sick, so we visited him. When I first got here in ..., we scrubbed his concrete walls for mold. He was planning on going to the hospital today, so hopefully things are ok with him. We gave him a blessing. He loves the missionaries and always said that God has blessed him with the missionaries here. The members here are really cool I love all of them. 

For Sunday, it was really busy but more of the line of branch work here. There were 2 students that came from the university (this is the 2nd time it has happened and Elder ... said that it really never happened the 1 transfer that he has been here) to see what we do for BogosloosheneA (Church service). The talks fell through and President ... was in ... for school, so one of the sister missionaries bore testimony along with myself since we're both relatively new. There is a family named The .... They are a family that is the core of the branch here. Brother ... conducted and talked and his 16 year old daughter ..., testified also. ...'s testimony is so strong, you can for sure feel the spirit when she speaks. It's a lot stronger than when I was 16 years old. I think she was baptized around 5 years ago, with her family. This city is so blessed to have these wonderful people as part of the church.

We do homebound (I don't know if that's the word, delivering the sacrament to a member's home), and it's the first city that I have done that. It's an older women that can't walk. We deliver it every sunday with President ... (He got home from ... come later in the day, so that was how we were able to deliver it. We need to have another man with us when visiting the opposite sex). It was really funny because they were offering all these Bulgarian meals (Just to try) and President ... didn't want to try some things due to the nature of the food. It was a lot of fun for all of us, including the member ha ha. 

We spent a lot of time doing finances for the church due to my companion being the clerk so that's fun as always. It's up and down (The Bulgarian way of saying so so, or ok)

Thanks for everything that you all do for me. I really want to send photos but I forgot my camera. 

Elder Green 

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