Monday, April 27, 2015

This week just flew by.... Just like all the other ones. 

As of lately, my companion has been teasing me about how when the next transfer starts, which is 2 weeks from today which is crazy, I'll be able to count the amount of transfers I have left in country on 1 hand. Ugh... I still have plenty of time, it just feels like it's already over. 

Anyway, this week we had Gospel Discussions in English with a man that usually comes and a less active member. It was the first time I taught English here in .... We watched "Only a Stone cutter," with Bulgarian subtitles. It's so good, and the people that came to the discussions can pick out some of the English, so it was good. We also talked about Christ and what he did here on Earth using the Restoration brochure. Those brochures are so amazing. 

One of the members also went to the Hospital due to heart problems I believed. We visited him there with President .... We gave him some juice and canned peaches which he likes. He was there only for a couple days and came to church. He's doing a lot better than previously so that's great. It's hard for some people here, and it's a blessing to see how some of these people rely on the Gospel for strength. 

We also ran into a less active on the street that he actually came to us. I've never seen him before and my companion has only seen him once and really never talked to him. We ended up having a lesson with him and wow. It didn't go as I expected. We talked about faith, and that led to action and eventually commandments. At first our lesson planned I didn't really like, but as we taught, it went perfect. I wouldn't have changed everything. That member, currently goes to ... every now and then for work and he is here for only another week then he'll be gone. He received an address on where to find the church in ..., but apparently he couldn't find it when he was there. I'm guessing there's church there but I'm not completely sure. 

I big change that is happening is they're changing the areas for the mission. Turkey is part of our mission but they are putting Turkey into a different mission which the area presidency just formed. The Bulgaria Sofia Mission is only Bulgaria now. Well... actually that will occur in July. I believe when the mission president, President ... changes and President ... comes.

We also got to help President ... do mutual this week. We have a few youth here. We played "Game of Words," or scrabble in Bulgarian. It's interesting because I can actually play it, not very well, but still can participate. President ... has a dictionary which we used and actually discovered some new words. Scrabble is interesting with conjugations, and the other team won and I think it was due to them adding "eTe" at the end of big words (which is the you all form). I'm not sure if any of that made sense but it's really easy getting some big points if you do it right. 

Elder ... and I made Tikvanik. It's the first time that I attempted making it, using a recipe I got from a former investigator in .... It turned out really good. It's basically a dessert version of a classic meal they make here which is Banitsa. Tikvanik uses pumpkin (shredded) with sugar and oil.Banitsa is yogurt, cheese, eggs, oil, and pastry stuff. 

This week will pass by really fast and then we'll be able to skype so I'm excited for that. I love all of you. 

With love,
Elder Green

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