Monday, April 6, 2015

Well... 1st week in the new city of .... It's not a very big city but it feels big to me since I still don't know where everything is. Some weeks will pass by, then hopefully I'll know the city inside and out. 

The biggest thing in ... is the ... University that they have here. The branch President, President ... is actually an American, past missionary that is going to school here. His wife and baby kid are here also. He'll be going to school here for 3 years and after that I don't know what he'll do. He's really cool and pretty young to. Originally, Elder ... (My companion) was going to be the branch president but he came instead. My companion is the clerk so we have to do additional church things.

The 2nd day I was here we had an activity that President ... organized. Missionaries didn't plan it, which is a first for me. It was really nice. We played European football or soccer and basically a picnic thing on the side. I got to see the majority of the members there. The park that we played at is so beatiful. They have a rope park that include people having harnesses (this is in the air with ropes) for safty. It looks like a ton of fun but I doubt we would be able to particapate in that. I'm guessing theirs a fee for it also. Our group for the activity just walked through it to get the park we wanted to get to. 

Also in that day, Elder ... and I ran in the morning. We ran to the church (which is about a 30 minute walk from our apartment) to drop off cloths for the activity then ran back. The interview was the same time as the activity, so we did that at the church, then after changed and then ran to the park place to catch up with everyone. After playing football, which is way fun, we ran back to the church grabbed a palachinki (it's kind of like a crepe) and we didn't have any more time for the diner hour. We were rushing throughout this whole thing. 

The next day we both woke up being really sore. Luckily, I've ran in the past so I wasn't still sore but still sore, while Elder ... was really feeling the pain of being sore. We're still recovering but we're guessing we've ran for probably a total of 1 hour throughout the whole day and probably guessing around 7ish miles.

Elder ... and I also got basically an interview from students from the university here. Since it's an ... University, everything taught there is in English. They recorded our discussions and basically asked questions about being a missionary, and also about what we believe in. It was the first time my companion had that so it probably won't happen to often. Who knows. They were doing it for a school project and they want to attend church to see which "rituals" (using the students words) we do or the sacrament. 

There is a man here that has been to church several times but isn't a member. The reason he stoped coming is due to the church location being moved. I think the church moved within the past year. He fed us and had a great conversation with him. Basically he boiled milk and that was the beverage (it was really good) and basically small potatoes from the oven. My companion and I looked at each other when he put it on one plate in the middle of the table and asked each other "How are we supposed to eat this?" The man then picked one up and peeled the skin off, pinched some salt from a napkin on the table, poured it on and ate it. So everyone in the room ate 3-4 small potatoes doing that. It's just funny thinking it happened that way.

We recently found 2 new investigators, some students which seem pretty cool. I remember ... (my first city) and it has a lot of universities there and we found a lot of people but once school got out a lot of investigators kind of "disapeared." I hope it's not the same here. 

There are a couple of families that make up the branch here. There was 20 people last sunday for church and I think it's probably around that weekly. We talked a lot about conference this next week (Since we're waiting for the translations) and also doing another activity with painting eggs inbetween sessions. I don't know if I mentioned last year for Easter, but here after all the eggs are dyed and dried, you try to use your egg and crack the other persons egg and if yours is the last one not cracked then your the winner. It's fun. I wish we did that part in America. 

This last week was really busy with everything. Tomorrow I'll be heading to ... for Zone Conference. Hopefully I can do the last part of my passport work while there. If not, I'll have to return a few days after. 

I'm really excited to be working in this town. We are currently doing a lot of finding right now, we have some investigators but it's hard to meet with them. 

Thanks for all the support from all of you. 

Elder Green 

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