Friday, January 3, 2014

Temple, life as normal here in the MTC

Hey everyone. It's weird to think that I'm almost half way through the MTC. The Bulgarian group has been counting down to the half way through the MTC. Sure the MTC is good and all, but.... getting out into the mission field sounds really nice right now. Our schedule is pretty consistent and its getting old. With the new year and everything we are going to get new schedules but it's probably just going to be the same with a few changes.

If there are any questions that I haven't answered just send the questions again. It's hard to keep track of what I said and haven't especially since so much happens here at the MTC. The temple here isn't opened yet but opens this Monday I believe. We just got done helping cleaning it. We got a tour right after so it felt like we were doing the walk through before the dedication again. We got to go to the Celestial room and also seeing the air conditioning room. They had the biggest pipes I have ever seen, they could literally be tunnels for people. My favorite part was the chapel with a huge painting with Christ in the middle and everyone looking at him. I really wish I could take a picture with my camera of it. I can't wait until we can start going to the temple. 

For the new years it was pretty fun. Our schedules were the same as any other day but when we got to our dorms it was really fun. We collect all of our stuff from packages/christmas and put it on the ironing bar. Apparently someone had 5 full size bags of chips and around 4 big glass containers with salsa. We had the Zone leaders give a inspirational speech that was awesome. We socialized/pigged out  and had fun. The morning after my stomach didn't feel to good but it was worth it.

I just barely received a letter from the bishop with a lot of christmas cards in it. It was fun to read each one of them. It's fun to be able to hear from people from the ward. That reminds me, when they get the missionary plaque for the church I would like to see a picture. I've always wanted to see one with me on it :)

The language is coming along. Every thursday night we do TRC. It's where volunteers come in to talk to you in the language that your learning. I've never seen so much returned Bulgarian missionaries all at once. During Christmas time there wasn't that much volunteers because well its Christmas time and usually theres only 2-3 volunteers but yesterday was 6 volunteers. It was fun talking to them and it was weird because even though I know so little of Bulgarian I was actually able to bear testimony on the book of mormon and pray from memory. We got a note after talking about how we did which never happened before. We been doing TRC once a week since week 3, so this is the 3rd time doing it. Anyway we never got notes and it was just general for our group but they mentioned me individually. They liked how I said "I testify" about the BOM. I actually meant to say that the BOM testifies about Christ but thats the message I said apparently. It's funny because that simple mistake I'm sure was the spirit. It just reminds of a talk or scripture that talks about how God will fill our mouths with the words that the people need to hear. 

I'm good about everything that I have here. I haven't used the boots at all and have no idea if I ever will. I guess I won't know until I go to the country. I do actually need a couple of shirts. Three would probably be best and just regular shirts I have that I don't really care for would work to because I don't have enough shirts for exercise. I've been meaning to ask but keep forgetting during emails. Also, if I could get the BOM and the hymn book in Bulgarian that would be nice to, since we have 2 copies of both and the last thing is the scripture pencils I have at home. That would be nice and I would think that they are in my old scripture bag but not sure. I could buy them here but if you manage to find them I might as well use them if I already have it. If you can't find them I can just buy them here with the $6 dollars I get every week. 

It sounds like it was fun going to Idaho in one of the letters. From the sound of it, it sounded like you were writing it in the car the way up. I also loved hearing about the stats on finances. It gets me excited just like always ha ha. I also really wanted to see that goal zero bike on KSL. I would be like dad and would be "drooling over it." 

It was kind of fun sending the letter with my name in Bulgarian. I've learned how to switch the computer language, but it's hard typing in it because I have to guess the letters to get it right. There's one word I wanted to teach everyone that we love to say. its добре (dobre) it means good or ok based off have you say it with your expression. 

аз знам че бог обеча нас и отгобаря молитба ни. (I know that God loves us and answers our prayers). It's not that much Bulgarian but this is based off memory so I tried :). I can't wait to be fluent in the language. I also need to work on writing in Bulgarian because it's a lot easier to speak it than it is to understand it/writing it. Anyway I love all of you, and glad I have this time to email. I love hearing what is happening at home whether it be good or bad. Just looking back knowing that almost 1 month has passed with me being on the mission, before I know it I'll be going to Bulgaria itself. It sure seems like time has a different meaning being on the mission, because theres times were it feels like I've been here for months but then other times it feels like I just arrived here yesterday. 

обечам стареишина греен  (love Elder Green)

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