Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Time is getting Closer...

Here at the MTC, is getting really old. I'm so ready to be out, but when I think of that I think about how much I know the language, then think, I need to be here longer to learn the language. I've gotten to the point that I tell myself as long as I'm making process, it'll be fine and I won't have to talk to Bulgarian people. It helps me keep relaxed because thinking the opposite of having to have real conversations in another language just freaks me out. I'm so excited to go and can't wait until a few months pass and I'll actually be for the most part fluent in it. 

With every week, we teach our "investigators" or teachers/each other. The lessons are getting more comfortable but even if I was speaking English I feel like I would still have a hard time trying to find the needs of an investigator and how to meet them in those needs. I just know that as long as I'm doing my best, the spirit of the lord will take me the rest of the way.

So, funny story. Elder ... (from Finland) doesn't mind spending a lot of US money here because he doesn't want to pay the fee for converting it back into Euros which I think Finland has. Anyway, he has been telling people if you do this crazy thing I'll pay you this much. The funniest thing that has happened was trying to eat a banana with the peel on it. Elder ... and ... failed. In class it was brought up and then we asked the teacher to do it. 3 Elders pitched in $20 dollars each so $60 dollars were on the line. Well.... he ate the whole thing. It was so funny. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before. I love my district and sometimes I think we are in the most unusual situations or different than most groups. 

I've been running everyday or mostly everyday and I can right now run a 5:20 mile in a inside 1/10 of a mile track. They have records and the record it at 6:00 but I feel like my time is to slow personally to actually have someone time me to get on. I'll probably break it officially before leaving, but it's hard when you have dinner right before gym time. 

I love seeing all of the photos. Last night I had a dream that instead of calling home at the airport I got 1 day to visit home. For some reason we all watched Star Trek, and I did have the thought that yes I shouldn't be watching movies as a missionary, but I didn't care. It was a really weird dream but the benefit of it was I got to see the family again in the closest way I can I guess. 

I miss seeing everyone doing there thing. It sounds like Allie is going to start track soon. That'll be exciting to see what happens there. Hopefully there are a lot of friends that you can make in Track. I remember having a lot of friends in running. Lexie - It looks fun to be able to be at races, they are the best part of running in my opinion and how is the varsity team. Hopefully it's a good team and I don't know if it's that different from when I left. Whats the qualifying time for girls again?  Kaylie - It looks like your being a social butterfly ha ha and your toe is looking a lot better. It sounds hard not able to run with everyone and just biking for a long period of time. Do you bike just at the gym at the high school or do you bike everywhere? I think it's awesome that your counting down the days until we get to talk on the phone.

I wouldn't mind getting Alex Hess email address if you ever see him you should tell him to email me or get the address for me :)

Hopefully everyone schedule for high school is good with the new term which was sometime (I forgot when you said it ended.) It sounded like there was a lot of schedule change and I did that to. It's hard to know what to do with each activity. 

обечам стареишина грийн (Love Elder Green)

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