Wednesday, January 8, 2014

P-day Switch, language connection, temple

Hey everyone. With the new years here there is a new schedule change. I now have P-days on Wednesdays and it will probably change again once I leave for Bulgaria. This morning started out really well. We got to go to the temple to do a session. I love watching the video that they show. It's amazing. After my companions and I did sealings. All of the other groups an hour before we did because of that. It was fun, since it's my first time ever doing it. Apparently Elder ... is really into family history. He had a ton of names that he wants to get done while we're here. Instead of just giving everyone names he made a list so he makes sure each one is done. 

The sealing rooms I've seen before but never done anything in them. There was an older couples that were doing it. They were so sweet and they told us how much they appreciated missionaries because if it wasn't for missionaries they wouldn't be part of this church. It's amazing to think of the work that is done in the temples. Sister ... (I think that was her name) was one of the older couple. When we were sealing kids to their parents she looked to me and said something like it's good to be together son. It just made me think of what is happening on the other side and how happy they are to get things done in the temple for them like baptisms, sealings and even endowments. We spent around 3 hours at the temple and It was a really fun experience.

I don't know if I mentioned that there was a painting in the chapel of the temple that I really like. It's with Christ in the middle with everyone looking towards him. It's unlike any painting I've seen of Christ. He looks a little younger than usual or at least to me he does. There is a little kid that has his finger pointing at him, not a hard point but a curve finger point. His eyes look up past his head into the sky and the lady that gave us a tour the day we cleaned the temple before it opened said that the kid was looking up to the heaven opening above him. It just makes me think how close kids are to the spirit or veil than adults/older people.

It was really weird seeing new people coming in on wednesdays. We had 2 rooms by our room that just got filled today. The weirder thing is seeing them leave before us. The two groups that moved in by us are going to Idaho, and California. They leave in 12 days, or at least one of the groups and the other in a week. We just smile and say that we're here for another 4  weeks :). 

I'll be sending photos of some things that have happened here, but of course sometimes the computer doesn't agree with letting us send photos because of the restrictions that they have on them. I'll try to use another computer to send some photos. 

Another thing that I was also wondering was, what to do with the mini christmas tree that I have? I don't plan on taking it with me and I don't know if you want me to try to send it back or just toss it. I figured that I should try to find out what to do sooner than later.

It's interesting to know how much european languages are connected. Apparently with Russian, I'll be able to understand them around 70-80% if I understood correctly. My Bulgarian teacher (Brother ...) said that if he studied like we did with Bulgarian for a week on Russian he could get by in Russia with the speaking. He served a mission to Bulgaria and is pretty much fluent in the language just for a note. I'll be able to understand Macedonia about 95% which is really similar. Sister ... (sister learning Bulgaria with us, in our district) is actually heading to Macedonia instead of Bulgaria but there's no Macedonian class so she is learning the closest thing to it. I can't wait until I can speak fluent in Bulgarian but It's still going to be a while before that happens.

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We had new years party this is our zone and we got German chocolate for TRC or return missionaries from Bulgaria, and yes they have better chocolate than here that I decided

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