Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week before leaving!!!

I have to admit, I'm glad that I'm here for only 9 weeks instead of 12 weeks. I'm so ready to get out of here. My whole district is trying to learn the best way to contact, because in a email it said the first thing we do once we get to Bulgaria is "Preaching the gospel in the street." Just that saying alone makes my heart skip a beat. Talking to actual people in a different language scares me. On average they say it takes a missionary about 6 months to get the language down for everything to feel comfortable. I'm looking forward to going to Bulgaria, but I'm not looking forward for the next 6 months until I get the language down, but I'll probably start learning Bulgarian even faster having to depend on it a lot more than the MTC.

Yesterday, for some reason our teacher gave us another "investigator." I think he just wanted us to teach him because he was the investigator. We have 5 investigators that we are teaching in Bulgarian now. We teach a lesson everyday and to be honest, it's hard to manage it because we are trying to learn the language at the same time so we try to talk about things we know how to explain and learn more things about the things we want to say. 

A thing I thought that was funny was in class. Sometimes we ask questions about certain things in the language and usually it's on things that are exceptions to rules that we have learned. They say после which is later. We joked around saying that we don't have that much more после left. The day of после is almost here because the MTC is ending and we'll really have to know it. It was a class joke so it was fun. The group that I'm with likes to joke around a lot and it helps with keeping a positive attitude here at the MTC. 

The group that was learning Bulgarian before us were 2 people. I guess Elder ... (Don't know how to spell his name) is really smart so he had the Bulgarian language well. I don't think anyone in our class has it down like he did when he left several weeks ago. Sister M... I think was average and my class is average so probably the same level. Well.. I would like to think our class is average, we all feel like we stink at the language ha ha. 

I can't believe that Lexie got another stress fracture on a bone that doesn't really heal itself. It seems like everyone at home is breaking their feet. Hopefully Kaylie's foot has healed and that she can start running soon. Lexie, I don't know about you because it sounds like either surgery or sticky pad. I don't know what your planning but I hope it turns out well. I guess it's a good thing to be able to take that speed reading class. Your a lot smarter than me and that will help you become even better. 

Allie, dissecting a frog sounds fun and gross. I remember doing that in science or at least for other animals. Yea, it still grosses me out thinking of it, but it's fun to be able to  do that.

The airport I'm going to have to pay $75 for baggage fees if everything goes well and the church well reimburse me. I plan on just using my debit card to pay it. They said cash is the best I think but I think it works the same so hopefully that turns out good. I'm not sure if I could use that card I got from grandpa to help pay for it so I'll ask around. If I can I might as well use it on that before leaving country, but if not I'll just send it home like I planned to originally. I really hope that nothing goes wrong at the airport, I just don't like the process of having baggage and having to worry about it. I've never really flown with luggage before so it'll be different.

 This is my last email before leaving the country. It's weird weird to think of it like that. Well I'll try to send another email before the end of today with some pictures. I'm excited to do that phone call. I'll be a long time after that that I'll be able to hear your voices again. 7 more days including this day. Love you all. 

обечам стареишина грийн (Love Elder Green)

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Here are some photos of my Travel Plan. Chicago, England, Bulgaria. With the time change it's going to be over hours of travel which is weird and without the time change it's close to 24 hours. 18 hours on plan and about 3-4 hours in airports. I calculated all of the time on the photo, I can zoom in with my camera and read it all so I hope you can do the same. I'll be calling around 9:00-10:30 this Tuesday. Excited to call the family and to leave the MTC :)

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