Wednesday, January 15, 2014

P-day eve, district leader, choir

Hey Everyone!
It seems like so much has happened since I last wrote on P-day. One of my companion says that the day before P-day is P-day eve to get everyone excited. It's kind of funny. Last Sunday I was changed to district leader. I now have a lot of meetings to go to on Sundays and have to send a more detailed letter to the branch president, along with other responsibilities. I had to teach again to the Croatia/Bulgarian districts with my 2 companions.

The language is still coming a long. My class this last week finished learning all of the major grammer in Bulgarian. I feel like I know so much Bulgarian, but at other times I feel like I don't know anything. Attached to this letter is a picture of my flashcards, and yes I do have them memorized but sometimes I still can't remember any words I memorized in a lesson and I'm stumped. I can't wait until I can talk normally in the language. It's still going to be a while before that happens. On average I think they say it takes a few months in country to finally get the language down.
I love getting the photos of just everyone at home doing regular life. I know how it feels like doing homework all the time. Except, I don't really have homework but have the same class for 6-7 hours a day. It get exhausting especially since I don't sleep to well at night. Yea, the past week has been rough with sleeping, my mind is just thinking to much during night I guess.
Today we went to the temple and did an Endowment and Inititories. It's fun to do thinks that I usually don't do in the temple or haven't done for other people.
We have walks to the temple once a week and there was some protesters about being Mormon. It felt like going to general conference and seeing protesters there. It was really weird. What they were saying didn't even make sense. They got attention from some missionaries, but my group just ignored them. I could tell that some missionaries were really uncomfortable from that situation. It didn't bother me to well but for others it really startle them. I know that when I get to the field I'll be rejected a lot, but it's still doing the work so it doesn't bother me to much which I'm thankful for because If it did, it would make the mission more hard. I won't really know what it'll be like until I'm out in the field. Sometimes I don't feel like a missionary here at the MTC, but I know I have to make the most of it because it's preparing to do the real work in the field if that makes sense.
Yesterday we have Elder Bednar come talk to us again. It was so powerful. I actually joined the choir here and was singing the lowest part just to be with my companion so my throat wasn't feeling the best after practice and actually singing. The choir leader guy is hilarious, it makes it fun. Anything so I sang with a group for Elder Bednar :). I remember Christmas time, a lot of people got kicked out of choir because they wanted to sing for the apostle coming that day (Elder Bednar). He talked about some of the questions he received from Christmas time (with the phone texting process, if you remember me describing the Christmas time talk). It was better than Christmas time talk in my opinion because the questions that he answered were selected out of over 1000 questions asked that day.
He only had time to answer 15 questions so he joked about how he has another 985 questions to go after he was done talking. He is such a funny speaker. He testified of the Book of Mormon. I have to tell you that I've never ever in my life have felt the spirit testify to me that the Book of Mormon is true. I knew it was true before but that comfrimation about the Book of Mormon again with that strong of spirit makes me have no doubts. It's hard to explain but I truly do know that God did answer my prayer that day. He also talked about the original manuscript that was translated by Joseph Smith that he saw in the church archives. It's just amazing how strong the testimony he gave was.
He also answered a question that was asked by a sister. The sister asked in a question if she was going to be as an effective missionary as an Elder because she didn't have the priesthood. It just left me thinking that being a missionary doesn't exclude us from having any doubts about certain things about the gospel.  I've have had a few questions about things that honestly doesn't make sense about the church to me but I know that just having faith is part of it. Anyway the way he described the priesthood made perfect sense. He said priesthood isn't male, it is Gods authority. He did a analogy (if that is what it is called) of the priesthood being an umbrella. It covers anyone that is under it and protects them from the rain or other things. The men is the one that is holding the umbrella for everyone to be under. It's meant to benefit everyone, not just the one holding it.
There are a lot more things that he talked about but those where some of the biggest points I liked about it. It's really hard for me to keep up with my journal because of all of the great devotionals we have here.

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